sexta-feira, 22 de junho de 2007

as palavras de uma música

New York is lovely in the winter time
The sidewalks are white as snow
The buildings, all the people that pass me by
How the smile on his face says he's in love

I took the train all the way to Brooklyn Heights
I remember when you took it there with me
We sat side by side and held hands for sometime,
Misalluded the Statue of Liberty

And I have much farther to go
Everything is new and so predictable
I should just click my heels together and go home
But I'm not sure where that is, anymore

Oh how I wish I could go back in time
To the night when I heard my mother cry
She held me in her arms
And we talked for sometime
And I sang a song her mother sang to her

It goes, something about paper dolls and what men preffered
Something about the cross and how her Jesus died for her
Something about love and how it's worth fighting for
I wondered does love like that exist anymore?

And I, I have much farther to go
And I, I'm so confused I know
I should just click my heels together and go home
But I lost my way (back home)
When I lost you

Sometimes I cry when it's late at night
And you're not there to lay next to me
Morning breaks and the sun warms my face
How I wish it were you warming me

rosie thomas
"much farther to go"

2 comentários:

Leonor disse...

lovely song :)

também gosto muito quando ela canta:

«When I finished school
I took the highway
I took the highway looking for you
Never thought that I
Would ever find you; That you'd be looking for me too»

eskimo friend disse...

pois eu tb. e ja n a oiço há mt tempo.