segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2005

de volta

t a k k . . .- 10th july 2005
we can now announce that the title of the new sigur rós album is takk..., which is icelandic for "thanks". it will be released september 12th on EMI records. we at got a chance to listen to the album recently and for our money it's the best thing the band has ever released. we can't wait for the world to hear it. the tracklist on takk... is as follows:

1. takk...
2. glósóli
3. hoppípolla
4. með blóðnasir
5. sé lest
6. sæglópur
7. mílanó
8. gong
9. andvari
10. svo hljótt
11. heysátan

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